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Disabled Veterans Job Assistance Forum
We contribute funds to Service Related Disabled Veterans for food, shelter and clothing in order to help get them on their feet once again to find jobs. Please visit the Forum to add job availabilities for veterans.

Suicide Hotline

The Veterans Affairs states that 18 Veterans commit suicide every day because of PTSD. This number is more Veterans than have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, since the beginning of both of these wars. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call 877-793-4478.

Support our Veterans Suicide Prevention and Support Fund

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Disabled Veterans Services, Inc

Our overall objective is to help motivate, and offer assistance programs to the Disabled Veterans, allowing them a quicker infusion into the working community as well as society in general.

Eastern New York Homeless Veterans Coalition Thank You Letter

Wars come and go and nations have rebuilt, but the personal battle of our Disabled War Hero continues long after the fight overseas has stopped. Disabled Veterans Services, Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the Service Related Disabled Veterans in numerous ways that will help them with the hardships in their already difficult life towards assisting the Disabled Veteran with gainful employment, we work in many ways to accomplish goals they would not otherwise obtain. With quite a few of
our Disabled Veterans returning back to the States, they find themselves homeless, hungry and with very little hope to gain
their dignity back which they had before their service
to our Country. Since the severity of disability can
be extreme for many of our Vets, the need for job
related opportunities which allows them to work
from the comfort of their own home, is a huge benefit. 
For some of our Disabled Vets, there is no home to
work from!  Disabled Veterans Services, Inc
not only works towards
assisting the Disabled Veteran with gainful
employment, we work in many ways to accomplish
goals they would not otherwise obtain.

If you have a job opening for a Disabled Veteran,
please visit our Forum to add the job availability
and information.